Rewind. Reboot. Reset.

This weekend, we did an overnighter in the Catskills. As cumbersome as it was to pack even just for a day or so, I was still determined to make the trip. We have been just grinding away in our own little worlds, trying to meet one deadline after another that I felt a little change of scenery would do us some good.

It has been our tradition now to go to the Catskills in the fall and the winter. We wanted to spend the whole weekend there but the girls had activities that we could not get out of. So we opted to leave on Saturday after lunch instead of Friday.

Overall, it was a fun weekend with some swimming, chance encounters with friends, flea market shopping and eating at our usual haunts. And though quick, the overnighter was long enough of a pause for us to reset ourselves in preparation for the craziness of the upcoming holiday season. Can you believe the year is almost over?

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