Reminiscing about La Bohême Gallery in Deauville

We have only been back in the US for a few days and I pretty much feel like we have been here for a few weeks already.  I suppose all the back-to-school shopping and preparation just have a way of just forcing one back to reality much sooner than anticipated.

Today, the girls got their teacher assignments for the year.  So much of the excitement and buzz for today had to do with typical woes, such as what their teachers are like (Will I like him/her? Or not?) and who will be in their class.  Ah, to be young… I remember how I used to get excited back in the day around back-to-school time.

Anyway, before I completely shift gears and put memories of the summer away, I want to share with you images of La Bohême gallery in Deauville. Le Figaro Magazine in France said it is a must-visit this summer in Deauville so we decided to check it out.

Unlike other galleries in the area that feature more traditional and classic art, La Bohême is a very modern and contemporary space that features mainly street art.  Think Banksy and other graffiti artists.  Growing up in the 80’s when graffiti art first started becoming popular, I feel a certain affinity for this kind of irreverent art form.

So if you are in Deauville before the end of the summer, check out La Bohême at 14 Rue du Général Leclerc. You will find many rare art pieces you won’t see elsewhere.

untitled (60 of 74).1

untitled (59 of 74).1

untitled (61 of 74).1 Love this set up in front of the gallery

untitled (64 of 74).1

untitled (65 of 74).1

untitled (66 of 74).1

untitled (67 of 74).1

untitled (68 of 74).1

untitled (69 of 74).1

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