Recitals, Recitals, Recitals

As with most parents, the end of the school year for us is always marked by recitals, tournaments, school shows, field days and field trips. This week was pretty much that with Ines performing at her dance recital both Saturday and Sunday. She did ballet, tap and acrobatics.

As tiring as it was for me with all the driving around and prepping costumes, I was happy to see how content Ines was to perform onstage and show the moves she’s been working on all year long. This is the first year where her class performed onstage without some stage help from their teachers so it was quite a feat to memorize the steps and not mess them up.

Sometimes I wonder if my girls have too much on their plate with school work and activities. However, when I see the pride and satisfaction they get from doing an activity they love, I am reassured that they are alright. Anyway, it’s either committing to something they are passionate about or just playing Minecraft at home (the latter of the two I am not to keen on).

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great job Ines! Myla- you and richard are doing a wonderful job with the girls.
    I showed Clara the pictures of Ines and she said she wants to be just like her. Clara also loves dancing on the big stage. Lol!!

    • Thanks, Monique! Clara will be a natural for all that onstage stuff. Can’t wait to hear details of her last recital.

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