Quilting a Legacy

A few weeks ago, I went to “From Heart to Hand: African-American Quilts from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts” exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum. I am not a big quilt lover despite its place in American history and crafting. I think part of my problem is that I’ve always looked at quilts as folk art, just not cutting edge enough for my taste.

But like often with my preconceived notions, my aversion toward quilts was proven wrong. As I looked at the quilts at the museum, I began to be captivated and intrigued by one particular artist, Yvonne Wells. Ms. Wells is quite brilliant in portraying important events and figures in history while adding a bit of whimsy and her own personal touch to her works. Too bad, I only had my iPhone and cannot do justice to her works.

If you are in the Montclair area today (October 9th), Ms. Wells will be conducting a talk at the museum where she’ll discuss her works and its relation to the Civil Rights movement. The actual exhibit will be displayed at the museum until January 4th.

untitled (40 of 87) Rosa Parks

untitled (41 of 87)

untitled (42 of 87) Jackie Robinson

untitled (45 of 87)

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