Post-Thanksgiving Recap – Part 1

How was your weekend? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Ours was hectic with lots of eating and feasting with some family and friends. We spent Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house where we had lots of yummy food. I ended up baking a pumpkin cheesecake and a bread pudding with Nutella and dates. I was going to make a fruit pie but I saw the pudding recipe recommended on Facebook and thought it would be different from the usual Thanksgiving dessert lineup. I highly recommend this recipe — it is so easy to make and season-appropriate given the hearty and indulgent flavor.

Thanksgiving tree

Sister with girls No, it’s not me…it’s my sis with the girls

Turkey Carving Carving and Texting

Thanksgiving Table

DSC_8921_2 Reciting her Thanksgiving poem


On Friday, we decided to get our Christmas tree and stay away from the Black Friday madness. With Thanksgiving so late this year, we figured we might as well start with holiday decorations already since there are only three weekends left before Christmas.

Christmas Tree



I will post more of the weekend in the next few days with more feasting and indulging. I feel like I should do some kind of juice cleanse this week but maybe that would kill the holiday spirit. I suppose I’ll just wait until January for the cleanse and just spend extra minutes at the gym this week instead.


  1. You have a lovely home! Glad to know you enjoyed Thanksgiving. I’ve read your Living with Kids article on Design Mom. Love it! ♥

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