Picasso’s Sculptures

I read somewhere that Pablo Picasso’s birthday was this past Sunday, October 25th.  Having recently seen some of  his sculptures that are currently being exhibited at the MOMA in New York, I thought it would be fitting to look at some of his works as a sculptor in greater detail.

First, I have to be clear.  I LOVE Picasso as a painter.  While he persevered throughout his artistic career as a sculptor, I don’t think his works are as masterful and refined as other sculptors like Rodin, Michelangelo or even Jeff Koons.  He was rather naive sculptor in the beginning, but this particular naiveté is what set him apart.  He was more fluid in form and experimental with texture and materials than other traditional sculptors.  He was also pretty much self-taught, collaborating only with other skilled artisans to create a particular artistic vision he had in mind.



picassosculpture.2 A small version of the Maquette that’s now in Chicago Loop

Picasso had an amazing knack for repurposing ordinary everyday materials.  Often, he  scoured junkyards and lumberyards for materials he can use for his work.  And being the great Cubist artist that he was, he always had the unique perspective of seeing things a bit differently from the rest of us.

picassosculpture.4 Notice the colander in this work

picassosculpture.6 Famous Bull’s Head, aka Bicycle Seat

Personally, I love the works he did for his children.  From the little wooden dolls to the little girl on a jump rope for his daughter Paloma, I find these sculptures endearing, a bit innocent, and a glimpse of the kind of father he was.


picassosculpture.7 Girl with Jump Rope for his daughter Paloma

picassosculpture.8 Do you see the toy car in this work?

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