Packing List, Inspired by Joan Didion

As I get our suitcases ready, I try to be disciplined and streamline the clothes and what-nots that we pack for our time in Europe. It’s never easy as the weather can be variable and we never really know what kind of summer we’ll be having. Like most people, there’s nothing more I hate than being too cold or too hot. The usual antidote to unpredictable weather is to bring clothes that can layer but that usually means more to pack.

So I was inspired when I saw Joan Didion’s packing list from her book, “The White Album.” She kept the list handy when she was worked as a journalist to help prepare for last-minute travel assignments. I love the simplicity of it and wish I can use the same for my own packing. What about you? Do you also have a travel list?

Joan Didion Image via here

pack_to_wear.1 Image via here

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