One-on-One Time with My Daughter

How was your weekend? I hope that you had a lovely one. Doesn’t it feel like the holidays are now in the distant past and not just a few weeks ago? After frigid temps for most of last week here in the East Coast, I am glad that we had some milder temperatures over the weekend.

Our weekend was a relatively quiet one. We removed the remaining Christmas decorations and started working on redecorating Chiara’s room to make it more tween-friendly (more on that on a separate blog post). The highlight of the weekend for me was when I got to spend a much needed one-on-one time on Sunday with my younger daughter, Ines, when we went to see a “Fancy Nancy” play and had coffee (for me) and cupcakes (for her).

I remember reading from a child development/parenting book a long time ago that it is highly recommended for each parent to spend alone time with each child. My husband and I used to do this routine every weekend and thought it was great as the girls were able to express themselves more independently and freely alone than when they are together. However, this past year, we found it extremely challenging to follow this routine due to conflicting schedules.

The best part about going one-on-one with Ines was that I got the unsolicited “thanks for taking me to the play, Mom” as she she grabbed my hand when we were leaving the theater. Those few seconds were enough to just warm my heart for the rest of the day. Being that she is the second one, we often take for granted that she is a trooper and will always go along with the plan. I do know that she is appreciative of moments like yesterday when we got to do something only she truly enjoys…and even for just for a couple of hours or so, she had my undivided attention.







  1. Such a precious moment. We used to be good at giving one on one time to the children but have fallen out of the habit. I think I will add some dates on my calendar

    • It’s so hard to try to get everything in. But I do think it is so worth it to spend one-on-one time with each child.

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