On Motherhood

It was nice to see the temps reach 50-something this weekend. It sure did wonders for my mood as fleeting as everything was. Things were busy this weekend but I did have some unexpected alone time on Sunday afternoon. It is rare for me to have alone time on the weekends.  Often, I am busy chaperoning or driving the girls from one activity or event to another.

On Sunday, my husband and Ines went to to take a pottery workshop at the Montclair Art Museum on Sunday. Chiara and I were supposed to spend some quality time together. However, at the very last minute, she got invited to an indoor pool play date, which then led to my free Sunday afternoon.

I spent most of my alone time reading the book “Glitter and Glue” by Kelly Corrigan for my book club. Do you know the book? I just started reading it on Friday and cannot put it down. Corrigan writes about the time she spent in Australia after college as a nanny for a man recently widowed with two kids to care for. During her time in Australia, Corrigan was surprised at how her mother’s influence and “voice” played such pivotal roles during difficult times abroad. I think we women can all agree that the last thing women want to do after college is to be like our mothers. We often spend many of our early adult years trying to form our own identity only to come full circle when we are a bit older to become women who tremendously resemble our own mothers. Funny how that works.


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