On Losing Weight

Apart from the month of May/June when we get ready for the summer, January is probably the only other time of the year when we all will ourselves to go on a diet, start a new exercise program and try to lose weight. I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to dieting. I am a rebel at heart so I detest any restrictions placed upon me. The more I’m forbidden to eat something, the more likely I am to obsess about the particular indulgence. The mental anguish leads me to over-indulge and before I know it, everything has pretty much spiraled downward and I’ve overeaten. Then, I end up feeling worse than when I started the so-called diet.

So I was pretty thrilled when I saw former New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman’s tweet last week: “So easy, guidelines: Eat less junk. Eat more plants. Enjoy real food and don’t worry about it too much.” What he tweeted is pretty much the extent of my healthy eating. With a little bit of exercise, portion control and physical activity, I feel that this attitude helps me maintain my weight.

What about you? Do you follow cleanses or drink super-healthy juices to manage your weight?




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  1. That sounds good. I have a ver bad approach to eating, since I started weight watchers I am relearning Portion control and healthy choices. It’s not always easy but I feel better. 7 pounds down, 90 more to go

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