Oh, Hello Again

I’m sorry that I’ve stayed away from this space the past several months.  2017 was a challenging year, fraught with personal loss, life transitions and so much negativity in our political environment.  I spent most of the time away from here focusing on re-centering my family, counting my blessings while still going about the day-to-day.  Honestly, I did not think I was going to go back to blogging.  What transpired in the past few months, the struggles and the eventual death of a family friend’s son, made me feel that what I was writing about was so trivial in relation to the sadness and despair around me.

And yet, the past few weeks, I felt an inner tug that was pulling me back here, to write and take photos once more, to feel the joy in the small things and find the beauty in the everyday.  I guess I also miss making personal connections here as well as making myself accountable to make the most of my life, to be present in the moment and not to get lost in the dark pathways of my past.  So here I am, again, back to blogging, maybe not posting as often as before but still around.

I want to share some photos below of our holiday trip to celebrate Richard’s milestone birthday in St. Lucia.  There so much about this Caribbean island that reminds me of my birthplace, the Philippines — the cuisine, the beautiful water that surrounds the island, the fruits, the topography, the vegetation.  I love the St. Lucians’ easygoing friendliness and hospitality but what I truly enjoyed is the mixture of British/French culture along with that of the local island.  As my oldest daughter Chiara says, “St. Lucia, I’ll be back.”

St. Lucian landmark, the Pitons

La Soufriere volcano


  1. Geo Gesmundo

    Beautiful and glad you were tugged back 🙂

  2. I am glad you’re back to blogging. I did feel the same tug, I call it choosing happy. We do need to appreciate the little things to be able to cope with loss and sadness

  3. I’m glad you are back! We do need to put things in perspective and count our blessings. Never know what’s around the corner.
    I will take details from you later about St. Lucia..have been meaning to plan a trip there.
    Keep traveling, experiencing and learning and keep blogging!

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