Of Babes and Art

The weekend was hectic but satisfying. We got to spend lots of time with friends and loved ones most of the weekend. The girls were at a friends’ party until 9PM on Friday. I had about half an hour to myself as Richard went to pick up the girls when I thought to myself that life would pretty much be like this in about five years when Chiara will be in high school and Ines will be in middle school. The last 10 years or so were consumed by doing things with them and for them that it feels weird when their growing independence starts showing and you don’t need to do as many things for them anymore.

On Saturday, I became a godmother to a lovely, sweet little girl. Like many, I tend to forget how small and fragile babies are when they are first born. But holding my dear goddaughter during her baptism felt right. The nurturing instinct came back right away. The girls were happy to see our dear friends’ little ones. It was quite a hoot to see them walk the streets of Manhattan, all holding hands and pretty much taking up the whole sidewalk.

On Sunday, we went to Grounds for Sculpture in Southern New Jersey. Similar to Storm King, the space features plenty of sculptures in an outdoor setting. We had a blast looking at some abstract art as well as bigger-than-life sculptures that portray snippets of Americana.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Such beautiful photographs Myla!

    Your goddaughter is very blessed to have you as her Godmother!

  2. I love the last picture of the girls. Ines has a love story with Munch 😉 I remember her in front of the MoMa channeling the scream

    • The girl sure loves her Munch! This particular piece has had a recurring presence in our lives. Ines also had various renditions of “Scream” in our house. Every year it comes back especially around Halloween!

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