New York On My Mind

I thought it would be timely to write a post about New York after the mayoral elections in which a very un-Bloomberg like candidate just won. Many are holding their breath to see what Bill DeBlasio’s future term will bring to the city.  Given that I no longer live in the city, I watched the campaign and turn-of-events with a more removed yet still vigilant attitude.

New York is one of my three great loves.  The city of my childhood, Manila, will always come first. Though Manila now is in my distant past, there is something about the city that will always be familiar to me. The city’s heat, smell, noise and ways are things that are encrypted in my DNA and always soothed me upon each return.


My second love is Paris, a city I dreamt of since I was a teen and have visited consistently for over 18 years.  I have a tangible and definite attachment to Paris given my husband’s background.  My girls have been going since they were babies and I sometimes wonder if they will appreciate Paris the way I do.  For them, going to Paris is just something they do to see family.  I don’t think they really comprehend the beauty and splendor of the place.

And, there’s New York, the city of my young adult years where I learned most about myself.  It’s weird because I still crave the city’s presence in my life even though we don’t live that far from the city.  New York is like that bad habit I just can’t kick. Personally, my husband and I knew that we did not want to raise our children in the city. So like many before us, we left the city for the ‘burbs. I am happy with this choice. I think we are just more well-rounded, functional and grounded where we live.

So, I am intrigued by two books that are out there right now about New York. Goodbye to All That is an interesting book by different writers on their falling in love with New York and their decisions to leave the city.  Humans of New York stemmed from a popular blog and is pretty much a photographic essay that captures the diversity and breadth of New York City dwellers. So if any of my relatives is actually reading this post, feel free to add these two books on your holiday shopping list (ha!).



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