New Whitney

I finally got around to going to the new Whitney Museum by the old Meatpacking District, adjacent to the High Line. One of the things I love when I have some down time and the kids are in school is to check out different museums in the city, alone, when I can truly concentrate on different art works. By myself, I can selfishly indulge in perusing through the museum’s collection without anyone telling me “I’m bored,” or “What’s taking you so long?”

The new Whiney space is wide, open, bright, just ideal showcasing big modern art installations and canvases. It also has a wonderful outdoor space that offers views of New York’s skyline, including glimpses of the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.  Quite a change from my memories of the old Whitney building, which I thought of as a little austere, clinical and closed in.

The museum is currently showing “America is Hard to See,” which runs until September 27th. I cannot wait to see future exhibits here that will truly take advantage of the museum’s wonderful exhibition space.




whitney.3 Work by Filipino-born abstract artist Alfonso Osorio

whitney.4 “Quarantania” by Louise Bourgeois



whitney.7 Always larger-than-life Claes Oldenburg


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