New Addition to Our Extended Family

It was a cold weekend out here in the East Coast!  We tried to stay mostly indoors but still had to go to Chiara’s soccer game final on Saturday at 8:30 in the morning.  The weekend was overall great and varied.  After the soccer match where Chiara’s team won first place, we headed to a piano performance workshop for the girls where they played their most recent musical pieces.  Then, we went to my sister’s house to meet the new addition to her family, Jeremy, who is part-Hound and part-Labrador.  Here he is…isn’t he a cutie?

Jeremy the Dog My brother-in-law and Chiara with Jeremy


DSC_8841.1 Waiting for his treats

The rest of the weekend was pretty social.  We met up for couples’ dinner with a few friends on Saturday night. On Sunday, I saw two dear friends from college, Joan and Michael.  We all ventured out in the cold and met at this wonderfully cozy restaurant. We don’t get to see each other often these days but it is nice to see each other in person once or twice a year. On Sunday afternoon, I got some alone time and saw 12 Years a Slave.  What an amazing movie, though it was so heartbreaking and certain scenes were difficult to watch.  Have you seen the movie yet? I highly recommend it!


  1. For a moment there I thought you jumped the gun and got a dog. The kids are asking for one but what am I supposed to do with it when we leave for 4 weeks in the summer 😉

  2. I wish we could get a dog. But like you, I have the same worries over the summer. For now, my sister’s dog will have to do.

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