Mystic Weekend

And just like that, summer 2017 is over.  Every summer feels more poignant now that the girls are older.  These days, it seems that I’m always counting how many more years I’ve got with them before they leave the coop.  This way of thinking may be a bit harsh and melodramatic but it’s my way of of facing the sad truth — that the remaining time I have with my daughters is brief and I should make the most of now.

The girls started school this week, both of them at the end of a milestone — grade school and middle school.  But before we headed back to the rhythm of things and harsh realities, we spent Labor Day weekend in Mystic, Connecticut.  To those of you who are familiar with Mystic, the photos here will be familiar with scenes of ships, boats  and Mystic Aquarium.

Hope you’re having a great week!

An old Viking ship

Place of worship

Charles Morgan, a true whaling ship that sailed from 1841-1921. Actually got to go inside this vessel!

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium

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