My Music Isn’t Cool Anymore

It’s funny how often our lives come to full circle. I remember as a kid hating the music my parents listen to and how I would beg them every time to change the radio station we listened to in the car. Like most kids, I thought the music my parents listen to was simply old and boring. Instead I preferred to listen to the sounds my older cousins listened to, from Elton John to the Beatles, which I thought at the time was epitome of cool.

Now that my kids are a bit older, the same scenario is playing out at home and in the car. They often beg me not to play my iPod when we are in the car as they’d rather listen to the radio to the likes of Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. While I do enjoy some of the songs they listen to, I often tease them and say they listen to “Mickey Mouse” music. As a response, I sometimes get the typical eye rolling and shunning that seems to say “you just don’t get it, Mom.”

Well, tweens will be tweens. I don’t care if my girls don’t like my music. I’d like to think that the artists I listen to are pretty relevant, ageless and cool. Here are some of them:

…FKA Twigs – Yes, she may be Robert Pattison’s girlfriend but I do enjoy her voice and songs.



…Tove Lo


…British group, XX

…the new D’Angelo


What are you listening to?

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