My Happy Place at the Guggenheim

The media and state of affairs in the nation this week are pretty much depressing me. There is a sense of helplessness and despair that many of us feel as politicians wrestle with one another in Washington DC. So I was glad to run across some images of the James Turrell exhibit that I attended at the Guggenheim last month. The highlight of the show, “Aten Reign” in the museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda, was transcendental to say the least.  Visitors were encouraged to reflect on the interplay between natural and artificial light on the floor mats that the museum laid out and on the surrounding benches and ramp.  Before things completely get back to “normal” in our nation, I need to get back to this moment of happiness and peace…

James Turrell

Source: Architectural Record

wsj image

              Source: Wall St. Journal Online

guggenheim lit up

The view from outside. Source:

Since we were not allowed to take photos inside, here are my only souvenirs from the visit:


DSC_7301_2_edited-1 My own image of the Guggenheim

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