Must-Visit Amalfi Coast Towns

I have to warn you that this post contains lots and lots of photos. What can I say? The Amalfi Coast is just extremely photogenic.  It was pretty challenging to pick and choose which photos to share with you to give you the ambience of the various towns we visited.  Like Capri, the Amalfi Coast is very vertical so we had to go up and down many, many steps.  Also, the roads are very narrow so driving around was always an adventure.  Not only did we have to be very vigilant but we also often got out of the car feeling a little light headed from the incessant winding roads.

We stayed at Villa Principessa in Minori, a smaller, less-touristy area that had a quaint town center. I liked it because it gave you a more local feel of the area. In the past, Minori was the center of Amalfi Maritime Republic during Roman times. Today, it’s more or less a rather quiet town that comes alive at night and on the weekends.

minorivilla View from the villa we rented


minoribarber A very charming barber who insisted that I take a photo of him

Another town we visited was Vietri Sul Mare, known for its ceramics with tradition of making them that goes back to the 1400s. Many stores line up the main street but I caution you to go further into the street to see more of the local artisans who actually produce and paint ceramic tiles on site.


vietri San Giovanni Battista in Vietri

Positano, known as the gem of the Amalfi Coast, is probably the most well-known town in this region. When you make your way down the beach, you’ll see a church, Santa Maria dell’Asunta, with mainly yellow and green-tiled cupola. Many churches in the area actually have the same type of cupolas, as you can see from the photo above in Vietri Sul Mare. I did not do my research but the style strikes me as Byzantine-influenced.





Last, but not least, the town I loved the most in this area, Ravello. It’s quieter than Positano but it has splendid views of the coast. I highly suggest visiting Villa Rufolo. It has wonderful gardens and a concert stage unlike no other. Basically, behind the main stage is what seems to be eternally blue water. Also, do visit the Duomo where you’ll see detailed mosaic columns that rest on sculpted lions. I suggest rewarding yourself after all the sight seeing with lunch or dinner at Da Salvatore , where the views are stunning and the food is creatively presented and just beyond delicious.

villarufolo Villa Rufolo




classicvillarufolo Classic photo from Villa Rufolo. You’ll see tons of postcards with this image.



amalfibynight Amalfi by night

Hope you enjoyed this post. Next week, I’ll have photos from our visit to Pompeii.

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