Music, Discipline and Some Friendly Support

A few weeks ago, Chiara performed with her guitar ensemble at Merkin Hall in the city.  It’s the first time that the ensemble played with an orchestra and I must say the whole experience was quite amazing!  Not only was the music they created that afternoon rhythmic and melodious but the ensemble members got to see what it was like to play with professional musicians on a renowned concert venue.  I can’t sing enough praises for these kids, this guitar ensemble, who had put countless hours of practice yet never once forgot to laugh and have a good time together.  So much of what the group has become and now embodies is the result of their guitar teacher’s passionate teaching style and unrelenting dedication to these kids.

Apart from the music, I have to say that my other favorite part of the afternoon is seeing my friends’ children come out to listen and support Chiara.  The concert lasted for two hours, a long time for these kids, yet they sat patiently and respectfully while trying to choose which music they liked the most and mimicking the conductor’s moves.  It’s this kind of support from friends where I, and I’m sure Chiara as well, feel loved and supported.

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