Moving On In A Changed World

There is palpable excitement in the air as vaccinations in the US move in an accelerated pace. While I know this is not the reality in countries where many friends and family live, I remain hopeful that we will somewhat get the virus at a manageable level and some semblance of normalcy will happen at the latter half of 2021. I am giddy about the future even though a part of me is approaching the end of the pandemic with a bit of trepidation.

So much has happened in the past year for all of us. There were loved ones we have lost whose deaths we could not mourn properly. Many milestone celebrations, were put on hold or canceled. Children were stuck at home with remote learning and limited interaction with their peers. Life, as we knew it, was upended. We became undone with not much to anchor us as we muddled through the great unknown brought on by the pandemic.

Of course, with the vaccines giving us hope, our minds begin to wander. How can we all move forward nationally and globally when we collectively experienced trauma at different levels? Many of us hope to move forward with changed attitudes, taking lessons learned and incorporating them to our new normal. But will that be enough to avoid repeating same mistakes that got us in this mess in the first place? The pessimist in me leans toward believing that we will resume our lives like before, while minimally incorporating some leftover Covid hygiene protocols.

I have three things that I want to continue in the post-pandemic world. First, I want to simplify and focus on relationships that matter most. I started moving away from relationships that were toxic last year and I have to say I feel that my life is more authentic as I choose to spend time with people who matter to me the most. Second, I want to continue using my voice for causes that I support. I did not want to rock the boat before and tried to stay away publicly from taking positions on issues. But I realize that nothing good will come out from trying to appease everyone; at some point, I need to take a stance and advocate for what I believe is the greater good. Third, I want to multi-task less. In the beginning of the pandemic, I think we all were mesmerized when the world stood still. We paused more, noticed things a bit more. There was beauty in not having a jam-packed schedule. I want to keep some of that simplicity and avoid the trap of over-committing.

What about you? How are you planning to navigate the post-Covid world?


  1. How I love seeing you back in this space. Just like you I wonder what we our lives will look like post pandemic, what will be the new normal?
    Covid has taken a toll and I am still grappling with all its consequences. Just like you I want to focus on what matters.
    The writing itch is here but I’m not yet sure what form it will take

    • Thanks for inspiring me, dear friend. I am not really sure where this space will take me but I do want to take a stab at life a a pre-empty nester. I think it’s my way of preparing myself for the inevitable….

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