Miami Love

Just a few days in Miami is all we had for Spring Break this year. Slowly becoming a tradition, the whole Miami thing for spring vacation is something we have done in the past few years. This time around, we spent a lot of time by the pool and the beach, languishing like a lizard, paralyzed by the heat and partially immobile. The times spent away from the pool was devoted to getting some culture like visiting the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami’s Design District and stopping in Wynwood to grab lunch and get ice cream.

At the end of our stay, we felt that our time in Miami was way too short. An extra day meant that we could have ventured into a new neighborhood or tried another cuisine, and perhaps even discover a new gallery. In Miami, we felt our minds and stomachs grow in satisfaction while our skin soaked up the warm sun. I have to admit — I am smitten with Miami’s energy and cultural vibe.

So a thought came to mind while we were there and it is something that was already present in previous visits to the city. Why not retire in Miami in maybe 10-15 years? Maybe we can spend half of the year there and then spend the other half in Paris and Normandy when we are true empty nesters. I know it sounds like a crazy, outlandish idea but a part of me feels that it is worth a try. While many things need to fall in place before this thought and game plan come into fruition, I believe that having a carrot like Miami dangle before my eyes will keep me focus on the next stage of our lives.

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