Memorable Kids’ Bday Parties with Dulce & Petit

This is not a sponsored post, just my own personal view.  

One of the highlights of my girls’ birthdays and other milestone events over the years has been the cupcakes baked by Karen Zorn from Dulce & Petit.  She is a local Jersey girl who will work with you on whatever creative ideas you may have for your special occasion.  I love that Karen uses high-quality ingredients and accommodates any dietary needs we may have.   For Ines’ birthday celebration this past weekend, Karen worked with my request to have cupcakes that are nut and egg-free.  Ines was a little hesitant about not having any chocolate in the menu but she wanted to make sure that her friend with allergies would be able to enjoy the cupcakes like the rest of her group.   Over the years, Karen and I have worked on creating cupcake decorations that fit the girls’ interests du jour, which means a running-inspired theme for Ines right now.


Here are other ideas and themes that she has done for us:

…Peas in a pod for my sister’s twin baby shower


…Chiara’s grade school graduation cake


….Minecraft theme


….Harry Potter theme


…First Communion Cookie Party Favor


…Ballerina theme


…Jungle theme

I can’t tell you how many joyous memories are associated with each of these cupcake themes.  As I was going through these photos with the girls, I cannot help but smile as we travel down memory lane and rekindle special moments together.

If you want more information on Karen and Dulce & Petit, you can visit her Facebook page.  And for you urban dwellers, Karen is open to working with clients based in NYC as well.  She is great to work with and always open to collaborating on affordable creative cake themes that taste delicious.

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  1. She does make the cutest cupcakes ever. I always forget to ask you about her info. On our next meeting…

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