Making Memories with Grandparents

When I was little, I used to spend part of my summers in the country with my paternal grandmother. Though I remember her as a bit cold and not too chatty, I still cherished the time I spent with her just observing how she did things around and about the house. I would sometimes see cousins from that side of the family whom I didn’t usually see during the year. Even though all the cousins were a bit shy around each other in the beginning, we would eventually find some complicity among us and do silly things that our grandmother did not necessarily approve of and just snicker among ourselves. You know, that good old childish fun and humor that now I find SO annoying when my kids do the same to me. Yes, I still remember those summers dearly and hold many memories close to my heart.

Recently, my girls spent about a week at their grandparents with their cousin, Lucie. This is the second year of what we hope would be a tradition, of the girls and their cousin/s, alone and bonding together, at their grandparents’ house. As much as Chiara begged us not to leave without her, we stuck to our decision of leaving her and her sister alone with the grandparents while reassuring her that we’ll be calling in every night. Sure enough, she had a great time and came back full of  stories from the past week. There were lots of memories made, from their toddler cousin innocently bossing them around to Chiara’s catching several fish one afternoon with her grandfather and an uncle who lived nearby.

One day, I hope that they’ll look back to these summers with their grandparents and fondly remember the days when time almost stood still,  where summer afternoons seemed endless and everything revolved around fun and simple pleasures.








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