Look of Deauville Villas

I thought I’d share some images of the Deauville villas that are typical of this Norman seaside resort.  Usually French magazines feature the larger and more well-known villas in town like Villa Strassburger, which was once owned by the Rothschild Family.  But I thought these other less-famous houses here deserve a bit of attention and admiration.

Tall, relatively narrow, ornate without being too ostentatious, these houses seem eternally proud to me.  I often wonder about the lives beyond those windows.  Since we are not here to see them except in the summer and sometimes at Christmas, I often wonder what these places look like the rest of the year.    Deauville is a weekend and summer town so I imagine that most of these houses are probably closed up for the winter awaiting the next year’s summer season. Much like the prolonged anticipation I feel the rest of the year as I wait to see these beauties again.









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