I can’t believe that it’s already the third week in January.  Life usually slows down a bit in January and February for us but I don’t think that will be the case in 2017.  Our calendar is already quite full for the next few months with numerous commitments and obligations, many of which we cannot avoid unfortunately.  A day at a time, a task at a time, be mindful, be in the moment.  These are the words I easily say to myself but have a hard time adhering to.

Like everyone, I have good days and bad.  As a parent of tween girls, I tend to have more of the latter, aka tumultuous and emotional roller-coaster type of days.  How does any mother of tween/teen girls stay sane?  You almost have to experiment in various forms of self help to get through these turbulent years.

What helps for now are talks with loved ones who always have my back as well as reading a few good books on parenting teens.  In fact, there are two books that I have read recently that are so insightful on the subject — The Gift of Failure and Untangled. I have used some of the strategies recommended from these two books and can see a difference already in my relationship with my girls. So if you have a moment, do read at least one of these books.  It may shed some light on how to parent your teen or at the very least reinforce what you already know but may have forgotten.

Here’s a little snippet of our lives as of late….

Brady turning one! Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Some eye candy while getting ready for the upcoming Matisse show at Montclair Art Museum

Holidays may be over but not at Ines’ school where they sang holiday songs and played instruments last week

Loving C’s school as it reaches a milestone year in 2017. Way to go, Villa!

How’s 2017 treating you so far?

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