Life Lately – February Birthdays

This winter seems to drag on especially this year as we get hit with one Nor’easter after another. What’s weird though is that despite the usual winter doldrums, January and February are just a blur in my mind, perhaps because we spent most of it recovering from the holiday madness and just dealing with the usual stress of school life and activities. Nonetheless, there were birthdays in February (Chiara’s and my nieces’) that came and went. I’m glad that I at least have photos to keep memories fresh.

As with every birthdays now, I find myself musing about the quick passage of time and how I need to appreciate every single birthday that my girls celebrate at home.  In a few years, this will not be my reality anymore.  So when C asked to have six girls sleep over for her birthday and invite them for brunch to Sugar Factory in the city the next day, I acquiesced. While I knew it would be onerous and exhausting, I also realize that I will miss my girls’ and their friends’ giggles and laughters one day. In a few years, those joyful sounds will be nothing but echoes from a not-so-distant past. So I try to hold on and cherish what I’ve got today.

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