Let’s Get Loud

This weekend was quite festive.  Though we are far from Brazil and New Orleans, we were in Carnival and Mardi Gras mode.  It all started with a Mother-Daughter Mardi Gras Ball at the girls’ school on Friday, followed by a little boy’s birthday party on Saturday.  It all culminated  when we took our kids to see “Stomp” as part of Kids’ Night on Broadway.    We actually saw the matinee, which worked out well so that we were home in time for the Oscars.

My husband and I saw “Stomp” when it first opened in the mid-90s so it was refreshing to see the girls’ reaction to the whole performance.   They were highly entertained to say the least.  I have never been to Carnival but I’d imagine that the rhythmic banging by the performers in “Stomp” would not be too far from the beats that I’d be hearing in Brazil right now.  And, oh how I would love to be in Brazil right now for some warmer weather (sigh)!








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