I’ve got Legos on my mind. After seeing the Lego movie this weekend and seeing this Nathan Sawaya exhibit in Times Square awhile back, I feel like Legos are just everywhere. It doesn’t help that I have one daughter who is really, really into Legos.

In this day and age where kids are pretty much inseparable from electronic gadgets, Legos provide a nice recreational alternative. There is something rewarding about building something with your hands, feeling and sensing things instead of swiping your fingers against an electronic screen.

Also as a former marketer, I cannot help but be impressed with Lego’s strategic focus. The company would make for a classic case study in the way its turned around its unprofitable business by streamlining and selling off certain divisions while making strategic alliances that makes it relevant to kids today.

What about you? Did you play with Legos when you were a kid? Are there any major Lego fans in your family?

art of brick

Nathan Sawaya Lego Dinosaur

Nathan Sawaya's Van Gogh

Nathan Sawaya's Mona Lisa

Nathan Sawaya's Scream

Nathan Sawaya's Art of Brick

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