Last Weekend in France

We are back in the US after spending seven weeks in France. I used to be so emotionally torn about the time we spend in France. When I was in France, I longed for the US, often missing family and friends and the ease of just knowing how things work. And when it was time to go back to the US, I felt a little depressed about going back to the craziness of our lives and schedules.

This time around, it just felt right. I felt good about the time spent away yet I was happy to go back. There was no huge culture shock in coming back either. Even Richard and the girls agree.

Finally, we are at a point where we are at peace with how things are done on both sides of the ocean. It is what it is. We have learned to shift gears and go with the flow. We have learned to appreciate the best of both worlds and roll with the punches with the rest. The complexity of our dual lives has now become an essential and normal part of our existence.

The last weekend we spent in France was busy with Ines’ birthday dinner in Normandy and then a day and a half spent gallivanting around Paris as tourists.

And, now, we are here, back in the US. Things are still quiet but I expect that life will pick up and get hectic rather soon. And again, I am okay with that.

untitled (66 of 291).1 Ines’ Japanese-inspired birthday cake

untitled (171 of 291).1 Friday dinner with a precious cousin

untitled (191 of 291).1

untitled (203 of 291).1 Visit to the Musée d’Orsay

untitled (210 of 291).1

untitled (217 of 291).1

untitled (222 of 291).1

untitled (252 of 291).1 Fun at a mural by the Seine

untitled (267 of 291).1 Famous love locks

untitled (280 of 291).1 The park at the Tuileries Garden

untitled (290 of 291).1 Again at the Tuileries

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