La Chandeleur – A Day Full of Crepes

On Super Bowl Sunday, we also celebrated La Chandeleur, which is the day in which the French eat a lot of crepes. Held on February 2nd, this tradition is quite religious in its origin as it celebrates Jesus’ presentation at the temple 40 days after his birth.

But why do the French eat crepes to celebrate this holiday? Many say it is because Pope Gelasius I used to feed weary pilgrims crepes on this day. Others also say that crepes represent the sun, thus welcoming the coming spring days. Ha, if only the latter could be true here in the East Coast…

Having grown up in Brittany, my husband takes great pride and joy in consuming tons of crepes, which is a Breton specialty. He always recounts childhood tales of how he and his brothers in one seating each ate a dozen crepes. I am not surprised. I made about 30 crepes on Sunday afternoon and I can tell you that they were gone in less than 30 minutes. It seems like my girls got the same affinity for crepes as my husband!

La Chandeleur






  1. Myla- Can you share your Breton recipe? I have a decent one but I’m sure yours is better. xo Lara

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