Kids’ Night on Broadway

One of my favorite cultural programs in New York City is Kids’ Night on Broadway where children can go see a Broadway play at a discounted rate for week or two. It’s a wonderful way of introducing children to the magic of a Broadway show, where meticulously decorated stage sets along with great singing and dancing come alive.  The girls have gone to see several plays in our local performing arts center.  And  while this is a great experience, it does not have the same effect as actually going to Broadway, much like watching a movie on a big TV screen at home cannot compare to seeing the same film at a movie theater with its gigantic screen and booming surround sound system.

We saw the Phantom of the Opera  this time.  I was hoping to take them to see Matilda or Aladdin but those tickets were unavailable by the time I went online.  So note for the future, I must buy tickets online as soon as they are available for Kids’ Night on Broadway.

Do you remember your “first big-theater” play?  I think mine was Godspell and I still can remember words to some of the songs though it has been 28 years ago.  Yikes!




  1. This is excellent! My Parents showed me The Sound of Music on tv; however, my very first on Broadway was Cats with my Mom 😉

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