Keep Calm and Put Your “Botox Brows” On

It doesn’t take much to be in full school mode and to get back to how things are during the school year. With the barrage of emails from the girls’ school as well as their extracurriculars this past week, I feel like the summer is really in the distant past. This week, the girls pretty much resume their after-school activities, which translates to lots of driving around and coordinating to make sure homework and meals are done in time.

One of the books I finished before school started is called “Middle School Makeover” by Michelle Icard. We are going through a lot of tween-like moments at home and I wanted to learn how I should navigate this whole new landscape that often feels like walking through minefields.

The book talks a lot about parents needing to have their “botox brows” (aka expressionless look) when dealing with their tweens. Apparently, tweens and teens tend to misread our expressions as their prefrontal cortex develop. They seem to oversimplify their parents’ sentiments and assume that we are either happy or just simply upset with them.

This discovery leads me to my two new back-to-school resolutions…first, I aspire to put my “botox brows” on as often as I can in dealing with my children. With all the emotional ups and downs in our house right now, I need to just stay calm and not react to every single drama or crisis.

The second resolution is that I want to stay mindful in pretty much all aspect of my life. I want to avoid multi-tasking and really be in the moment. If I cannot get around to doing certain things, then so be it. No more trying to play Supermom or Superwoman. That simply is an illusion that no one can really get to anyway, right?

Here are some of my weekend moments…

Back to reading the weekend paper…
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Local art gallery openings…
Dog Daze of Summer

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Farmers’ Market goodness…
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Hope you had good weekend!


  1. Good one!

  2. I will borrow the “botox brow” and add learning to say no 😉
    Happy back to school

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