Jardin Public in Honfleur

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty slow-paced and more of the usual as the girls had more riding lessons on Saturday afternoon. We were planning another beach outing on Sunday but the weather was a bit fickle so we decided to go to nearby Honfleur instead.

For those of you who may have seen my post on Honfleur last year, you’d remember how much I love this place. We are truly lucky to have this picturesque town next door. And as highly popular the town is with tourists, it still is pretty easy to navigate your way around even during peak summer season.

One of our stops was the Jardin Public (Public Garden or really more like a local park). I think almost every little town in France has a Jardin Public. What I love about them is that there is really something for everyone in these spaces. Kids have their swings and slides while the adults have their benches and beautifully designed gardens. You see kids of all ages frolicking around and couples lying on the ground, reading and not doing much.

I wish more American parks have this element. Instead of just having elaborate play spaces for kids, I wish that we would have more bucolic gardens, benches and just spaces to be idle around in our community parks. I wish that our community parks wouldn’t be so kid-centric but would instead be amenable to everyone, from zero to 99.

Jardin Public Honfleur

Eugene Boudin Local figure Eugène Boudin

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