Jackson Pollock – Love or Hate

A couple of months ago, we saw the Jackson Pollock exhibit at the MOMA, which I thought was fascinating while the girls and Richard thought was a bit incomprehensible and convoluted. I guess that’s the thing with art, especially modern art and the Abstract Expressionism movement that Pollock was a part of, you can love a particular work while the person next to you can find it completely repulsive.

I once read somewhere that Jackson Pollock is the American Picasso largely because of the “drip” technique that he made famous and the forms and shapes he painted. Much like Picasso with Cubism, Pollock pretty much was the lead figure in Abstract Expressionism that placed New York City as a major player in the art world scene.

While I am amazed the immensity of some his canvases and creative process that went along with them, I’m not sure that I love Pollock’s work as much I love those of other Abstract Expressionist artists like Mark Rothko and Filipino-American artist Alfonso Ossorio.  Rothko’ cleaner lines and vivid colors never fail to mesmerize me while Ossorio’s rich colors and earthy palettes always get me.

What about you?  Are you Pollock lover or hater?









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