Île de Ré – Part 2

We are back in Normandy and slowly returning to our routine. The girls are in camp the next two weeks with local Norman kids. As much as I am always a little afraid of leaving them in camp where local slang and ways need some deciphering, I know that I will have two happy girls at pick up time today. Like last year, they will have lots of stories to tell me about kids they met and the activities they did during the day. Plus, they’ll probably see some of the kids who were with them in camp last year.

I know we are lucky to have such an extended vacation period. Most Americans only get a couple of weeks or so. But the last few weeks of solid family and couple time have been great for all of us. Sure, there’s been some meltdown and bickering as all families do when they spend lots of time together. However, there were lots of unscheduled and unrestricted time to simply let go of the usual and the expected and just do things we really want to do.

I will be alone with the girls in the next few of weeks at our house in Normandy. I always look forward to this time alone when I challenge myself to do what the locals do and not be intimidated by my less-than-perfect French. Like in years past, I know I will get by and come out from the time alone feeling a bit braver and calmer, restored.

Below are some of the last photos I took at Île de Ré last week. How’s your summer coming along so far?

untitled (70 of 126).1 Plage les Gollandieres

untitled (77 of 126).1

untitled (85 of 126).1

untitled (90 of 126).1 Entrance to the ancient walled fortress

untitled (101 of 126).1

untitled (112 of 126).1 Cocktails, anyone?

untitled (123 of 126).1

untitled (124 of 126).1

untitled (125 of 126).1


  1. Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m on a relaxing vacation! Thanks.

    • Hi Mida – Thanks for your comment. It’s not all that relaxing all the time:-) There’s plenty of bickering and little fights just like any other family vacation. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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