Île de Ré for a Quick Getaway

As I mentioned in my last post, our girls are with my in-laws for a few days while we sneak away some time alone. We are in Île de Ré, a pretty island in the Southwestern part of France. It’s only a two and a half drive for my in-laws’ house but it feels like we are much further away.

Île de Ré can probably be compared to Cape Cod in the US. Unlike other beach resorts in France, especially those in the Riviera, the island is very understated in many ways. No crazy night clubs and glitzy cars, just lots of bike paths everywhere. The island is full of old, white-washed homes that complement the beautiful sunsets here, which is particularly stunning in the old port at the town’s main hub, Saint Martin de Ré.

The island was previously reachable only by ferry. However, ferry traffic and wait times got a little out of control so a bridge was built in 1987 to ease the bottleneck of the comings and goings on the island. The unfortunate side is that the island has become a lot more popular and real estate prices have skyrocketed. The good thing is that the island is pretty big so it never feels too crowded. There’s plenty of room to enjoy the endless beauty of the island.

Saint Martin de Ré

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untitled (26 of 126).1 Love this church’s red door

untitled (32 of 126).1 Random cat on the street

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