Howling Halloween Fun

We had another relatively “normal” Halloween fun out here in the East Coast (i.e. no superstorm Sandy or Nor’easter) this year. It’s a bit different this year as the girls wanted to trick or treat with their own group of friends. Funny how a difference of two and a half years in age makes such a huge difference at their life stage. Lucky for me, a mom friend took Ines trick or treating with her daughter and their group of friends.

I went with Chiara and her friends in what seemed to be an eternal walkathon. Trick or treating out in the suburbs is no joke with the rolling valleys and hills so that the two hours we were out felt like four instead. I came home that night exhausted and basically ready to go to bed, albeit after a chocolate bar or two!

This year’s Halloween was also bittersweet as one of Chiara’s dear friends prepares to move down South. She and Chiara have been friends since Kindergarten and pretty much went trick-or-treating together throughout grade school. It’s funny but C’s life stage right now is one of the stages in my own life that I remember the most. The time when my close friend first moved away, the early betrayals by people I care about and the moment I realized that I have a new best friend in school — those early joys and disappointments in my early life that marked and formed me in years to come.

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untitled (31 of 32).1 Girls taking a break from trick or treating at a neighbor’s front lawn

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  1. Supers costumes…Bises

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