How Do You Raise A Creative Child?

This is the question that I have been battling with the last few months. Both of my daughters have a creative side but as I see my older daughter, Chiara, reach her tweens, I am realizing how hard it will be to keep her creativity growing. There’s always the distraction of other things (Ipad, TV, etc.) and just the overall lack of desire to start crafting projects when she has the time.  I cannot blame her with all the work and activities that she currently has.  We already tried to streamline her activities to free up her time.  Still the desire to create, to paint, to draw is not as strong as it once were.

As my husband and I were organizing some of her old creations the other day, we felt a little melancholic and sad that we may no longer see any of her rather original and creative drawings and artwork.  My friend, Ellen, once mentioned to me the “fourth-grade creativity slump” and I did not think it would really affect my daughter.  However, after researching the topic a little bit more and seeing this article, I am now a little bit more concerned.  Is it our current method of instruction that focuses on testing in schools that kills creativity?  Or is it just natural for children to go through this period as they begin to define reality and realize that certain possibilities and ideas are just childish and foolish?

I am not sure that even professionals have answers as to how we can ensure creativity in our kids.  I’d like to think that my husband and I have planted the seeds for our daughters to be creative and be out-of-the box thinkers. But they spend so many hours away from us now that we are not truly the only major influencers in their lives.  Do you worry about these things as well? Are there any strategies you have used on your kids to help them to continue to grow creatively?

Munny Creations Chiara’s munny creation in the center

Munny Creation Second munny creation on the right


Claymation Her claymation work




  1. I do share the same concern. I notice that with the introduction of the iPad, games on computer..etc my children tend to be less creative. Creativity is sparked by free time and boredom in kids. What I am trying to do is resist the temptation to let them play with computers, If I say no long enough they will end up picking up their Legos or drawing or writing.
    Thank you for sharing the link to the article!

    • That is so true. Letting them get bored and saying no to electronics may be a good starting point. I do hope that the schools they go to encourage creativity. I am hopeful as I have seen changes implemented from when C started grade school as to what they are doing now in fourth grade.

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