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Lately it seems that I’m obsessing quite a bit with interiors and home design.  While we’re all a little HGTV-obsessed in my household where we critique home layouts like a national sport, I think all the binge-watching has helped refine my vision for what I want in our house.  I’m slowly editing, getting rid of things that no longer reflect our aesthetics, and replacing them only with objects and furniture that we love.  Personally, this meant getting rid of our old Pottery Barn dining set and replacing it with timeless midcentury dining table and chairs that can be passed down from one generation to the next. I’m done with bulk — all I want are sleek, well-designed chairs and tables in our humble abode.

Going to the Architectural Digest Design Show in the city, courtesy of my favorite artist Hollie Heller, is a bit to blame for my current design obsession as well.  Walking through the show and seeing the newest design trends and innovations will make any girl want to redecorate, refine and tweak what she’s got at home.  Some of my personal favorites were the light fixtures section along with the art/furniture and kitchen show areas.

…my little helper and partner-in-crime

…Hollie Heller’s booth that showed her newest creations

The last thing that’s fueling my design mania is this blog, www.thesocialitefamily.com, and its recently published book.  I literally can spend hours perusing through different posts from this blog and dream of various spaces I can see myself in.  Socialite Family’s  design philosophy is boho Parisian chic but I think there are certain things that transcend geographical boundaries and work in many places.  Check out the site and tell me what you think…


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