Holiday Wear, Splurge vs. Steal

Now that the holiday season is officially here, I have been thinking of fun things to wear to Christmas dinner or even a low-key New Year’s Eve party.   For special occasions, I tend not to go for anything over the top.  I prefer understated combos with a little pizzazz like the one below.

Low Maintenance Holiday Wear

Since some of the items above are too expensive for my budget and they resemble some clothing pieces I already have, I have decided to use things I already own (which are a fraction in price of some of the things in the layout above)  to pull together the look below.   Voila, here’s my repurposed, a lot
less expensive look!




Dress from Zara, Jacket from a thrift shop in Connecticut, clutch bag from Bloomingdale’s, Shoes from JP Tod’s

Do you also look at the more expensive clothing and fashion online, at magazines or at stores and try to get a less expensive knock-off?

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