Holding On To Spring

We had a rather short spring season in the East Coast, with flowers reaching full bloom in a protracted time period. Temperatures only stayed mild, in the 60s, for a week or two, and then we’ve had days that were pretty much in the 70s and 80s everyday. As much as I am enjoying the warmer temps after an arctic winter, I wished our spring lasted just a bit longer.

The only remnants of flowers blooming that I saw recently are irises, which I saw plenty of when I went to the Presby Memorial Gardens in Montclair. For the next week or two, irises will be in full bloom, in a wide array of rainbow-like colors from lilac to near-black. Did you know that the Presby is the largest public iris garden in the US? It’s a local gem and worth a visit.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!







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