Goodbye For Now

Yesterday, we heard the sad news that our babysitter, the only sitter whom my girls have ever known, passed away. My heart is broken, it feels heavy with this abrupt change. Miss Jovanka, as the girls and I called her, was from the old Yugoslavian Republic. Strong and a bit intimidating when we first met her, Miss Jovanka became much more than a sitter to my girls. In the end, she was more like their surrogate grandmother.

On special occasions, Miss Jovanka would give the girls chocolates and teddy bears, which the girls never got tired of despite the fact that they were already getting rid of some of their old stuffed animals. Last year, she gave my husband and I an anniversary card when I told her that I needed her to watch the girls because Richard and I were going out to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. When it’s soccer season, my husband saw her by the fields looking for Chiara and her team. Miss Jovanka would then spend a good part of the morning watching Chiara’s game.

As sudden as this change seems, I know that I must go on with everything at least for my girls’ sake. It is horrible to part with someone suddenly and to not be able to bid a proper goodbye. But that’s life. So many things are simply out of our control.

Rest in peace, Miss Jovanka. We will miss you terribly.





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