Girl Crush

Do you have a girl crush? From time to time, there’s a woman whom I see on magazines and social media that just captivates my attention and becomes my girl crush. I know this will sound superficial but my girl crushes tend to be women who just have the style and aesthetics that I admire and would like to emulate.  They all seem rather bohemian, which I guess has some escapist appeal to my OCD tendencies.

Ashley Putman is one of those women whose style I’d love to possess. She is a Houston-based graphic designer with lovely houses that have been featured in many magazines, including Lonny. Her country house was recently featured in Southern Living’s holiday issue.

I think what I love most about Ashley’s style and home decor is that the look is uniquely hers. Her two homes do not look like they were professionally designed and overly curated. It’s not perfect — there are stacks of paper near her bed and by her desk. The look is groomed but definitely lived-in, giving us the impression that everything was effortless.

Ashley’s City House

living room.1_edited-1


dining room.1_edited-1


son's room.1


And Her Country House

country house vignette.1_edited-1

country house kitchen.1_edited-1

country house living.1

country house master,1

City House Image Source: Paper City, Country House Image: Hey Billie

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