Gaudi’s Masterpiece and Europe’s Most Unconventional Church

One of our stops in Barcelona last week was Sagrada Familia. Very unconventional in its architecture and design, this church was definitely Antoni Gaudi’s most extensive project that he started in 1884. To this day, the church is yet to be completely finished and I personally do not know if it will ever be completely done in my lifetime. The central tower as well as the ground cloisters are not done yet.

Since I came in 2001, much of the interior of the church is now finished. It really is quite a vision, especially the nave with extremely tall pillars appearing ubiquitously. The use of light is simply brilliant with skylights letting in just the right amount of natural light, making everything seem magical.

Sagrada Familia

untitled (40 of 76).1

untitled (42 of 76).1

untitled (48 of 76).1

untitled (49 of 76).1

The two contrasting facades that flank two of the entrances — the Nativity Facade and the more recent and often controversial Passion Facade with grim and sinister sculpted figures.

untitled (66 of 76).1 Nativity Facade

untitled (73 of 76).1 Passion Facade

untitled (70 of 76).1

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