Garnish, An Eclectic Antiques Store

This Sunday, we took a little afternoon break to visit some stores in Montclair.  I had my heart set on visiting the vintage/antiques  decor store, Garnish, despite the fact that Richard begged me to keep an open mind in checking out other shops.  I swear if the guy had all the time in the world, he’d spend countless hours scouring shops and art galleries looking for unnoticed gems.

Back in the day before we had children, Richard and I actually spent many lazy Sunday afternoons going to flea markets and reasonably-priced antiques stores to treasure hunt. The thing I love most about our vintage finds back then is the fact that everything just has so much character and patina.  These “treasures” just have that extra something that you won’t find at a West Elm or Serena and Lily or Ralph Lauren. I sometimes wonder the lives these items had before they became part of ours. Do they have any great stories to tell? Did they come from faraway places? How did they end up at the thrift shop or antiques store?

I guess our girls developed their own liking for treasure hunting at these shops. Since they were toddlers, we had taken them to tons of outdoor flea markets in France in the summer. And now they actually like going to these stores with us. Ines learned to be careful and not touch fragile items. She also learned that you cannot make bold gestures or moves as that can make things tumble and fall.

Prior to going to Garnish on Sunday, we told the girls they can take money from their piggy bank that they can use to buy things. We also told them to limit their purchase to one item. I must say that they were very reasonable. Chiara got a little bunny that we’ll use for our Easter table while Ines got a little turtle-shaped coin holder that will hold her rock collection. I got a buffalo horn while Richard got a little owl ceramic piece.

Garnish Montclair








For those of you who are local, Garnish is located at 123 Walnut Street in Montclair. The shop is mostly open on weekends.


  1. I love visiting antiques and flea market stores. Pre kids I used to do it every Saturday. Thanks for the adress I will make sure to visit

    • There are also a couple of good restaurants and bakeries around the store. But definitely go on the weekend since the store may be close during the week.

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