Galette Des Rois, Official End of the Holidays

On Sunday, we celebrated the official end of the holiday season with the French tradition of preparing and eating the Galette des Rois or Kings’ Cake. The cake is made with puff pastry dough and an almond filling. When preparing the cake, the French usually put a feve or bean inside. These days, many other things are used instead of a simple bean. In our family, we alternate between using a little baby Jesus feve and a Rembrandt one (don’t see really the significance of the painter for this event but someone had given it to us awhile ago).

Before cutting the cake, the youngest person is asked to go under the table and decides who will get the galette slice. Our youngest guest was a little timid so she went with the next youngest person, who happened to be Ines. The person who gets the slice with the feve gets to be the queen or king for the day. It’s a nice little tradition that we try to observe every year. Tomorrow, we’ll start eating more sensibly.

Galette de Roi





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