From Playroom To Tween Lounge Room

I try to do one house improvement project a year. This year, I, along with the rest of the family, am updating the kids’ playroom. We are not planning to do a major overhaul, just tweaking here and there to make the room more tween-friendly. With yesterday’s weather being a bit hazardous due to the ice storm, we knew we were going to be stuck indoors all day. The girls were ready to play Minecraft and watch TV most of the day but I had other plans for them (he! he!).

The girls helped me for an hour or so organizing their toys and what-nots in the playroom. Normally, Chiara and Ines get very attached to their old toys and would not discard them right away. But this time around, it was slightly different. They decided to toss things they no longer play with or use. I suppose even their sentimentalist selves decided it was time to move on. Sure there are a few toys they want to hold on as keepsakes but I think that’s just normal and to be expected.

I also spent some time on Pinterest to get ideas for their tween lounge room. Here are some that I am liking right now…

tween pb room

tween room with heart grey tween room

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  1. That’s really nice! I was wondering what to do with the family room once everyone outgrows the messy playing stage.
    I am looking forward to the results

    • The playing stage is still there though less so than before. Hopefully, it comes together that way the girls want it (and to their mom’s liking)!

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