French Children’s Film at Montclair

Twice a year, the Montclair Art Museum along with the Alliance Francaise in Montclair show a highly-acclaimed French family movie, subtitled in English. We always try to see the movies as going to Montclair is just so much simpler than going to the Alliance Francaise in midtown Manhattan where street parking is non-existent.  Plus, it’s a an easy and fun way for the girls to practice their French.

This weekend, the museum showed the movie “Zarafa,” an African-based story of a little boy named Maki and his adventures as he tried to escape the slave trade along with his beloved giraffe, Zarafa, using a hot air balloon that traversed Africa to Paris, and back.  For a such serious topic, the movie does a wonderful job in delivering its message in a way that children can empathize and understand.

There was a post-movie activity where the kids made their own mini-hot air balloons.   As much as Chiara balked at the idea of doing this little project, she ended up getting really into it and even getting super-frustrated when her balloon won’t stay upright.  Who knows how much longer we’ll get to do these types of things with the girls?  They are slowly reaching the age where family movies are a little too young for them.  It seems that a lot of the kids present tend to be a few years younger than them.  But until they say no from the get go, I’ll still continue to ask them if they’d like to come along.





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