Fécamp and the Wonderful Bernard Pras Exhibition

We recently visited Fécamp, a Norman fishing port town known mostly for cod.  The town is also famous for the Benedictine liqueur, created at the the Benedictine Palace using regional plants and spices by Alexandre le Grand.  Built in the 19th century, the Palace is a great example of neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance styles.


Benedictine Palace
Benedictine Palace

Still life on how various spices added to Benedictine Liqueurs Still life on how various spices were added to Benedictine Liqueurs


Homage to old Jewish community in Fecamp who came here in  the Middle Ages Homage to old Jewish community who came here in the Middle Ages

The palace houses a great exhibition space with a very interesting Bernard Pras exhibit and a supposedly wonderful museum (which we never got to see because our girls said they were museumed-out).  Bernard Pras is a master in anamorphosis, which is the art of using a collage of various objects to portray an image.  The said image needs to be viewed from a certain angle or perspective to be interpreted accurately.  In this particular exhibit, Pras reinterprets the work of some of the great Impressionist masters using everyday objects in his collage and adds his own personal touch.   He then takes canvas-sized photographs of his collages and presents them as final works.  Take a close look or you may mistake it for the original.


Japanese Bridge from Mazel Galerie
Japanese Bridge from Mazel Galerie

Starry Night Rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night


  1. So cool! What is collage material made of??

    • The collage material is made up of all sorts of stuff from toy cars, dolls to chip bags. I guess he was very resourceful in that sense.

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